getting head on your death bed
guy 1- im sorry your granddad is dead timmy
timmy- u you shouldn't be sorry luck bitch got a final fantasy
by the cliford December 06, 2006
Popular video game series developed by Japanese company Square--originated sometime in the early nineties; worshipped by pre-teens who consider the games to have meaningful stories and compelling characters; used by Square company to generate megabucks.
Guy #1: Dude, Final Fantasy 34 is releasing next year.
Guy #2: I still haven't finished Final Fantasy 29.

"Final Fantasy" + "#" = SUCCESS

by synce September 18, 2005
Once a simple video game released for the Sony Playstation, it is now a serious condition that prevents teenagers from being social and getting girlfriends/boyfriends (unless, of course, they meet up, in which case, they get married and live in a little bubble of anime, video games, Japanese culture and fetishes). Often considered very unattractive to a lot of non-geeks and is often the cause of unemployment, porn addiction and often obesity.

If you are worried about someone who you think might be playing Final Fantasy, look out for these tell-tale signs:

1) Boys in their teenage years are most at risk, it is uncommon for the addiction to develop in girls. Some may even continue playing into their twenties.

2) They will have a small, untidy room with access to a personal computer and the internet, in order to download cheats, FAQ's and porn.

3) They may suffer from sleep withdrawal due to excessive playing, leading to disturbed sleeping patterns and unhealthy complexions, making them look all the more geeky. The subject will not think of themselves as a geek, and may not look like a typical geek. They may also pretend to be normal, and laugh at other people they think are geeks, who are suffering from the same disease.

4) Final Fantasy players may still have close friend groups, who will also be into the game to an unhealthy extent. They will talk about things such as the release of the next game, level difficulty, merchandise, the fittest character, and the film. They will go out on rare occasions, so as to create the illusion that they are highly social people.

5) They will become overly excited at the release of any 'RPG', especially that of Japanese origin. If caught in the early stages, this can be treated and can prevent the subject from buying the degenerative Final Fantasy.

6) The lack of social activity and/or girl/boyfriends may lead to depression and lack of self esteem. This can be treated with a good wash, new clothes and a night out with some good friends.

7) In extreme cases, the subject may attend conventions and join forums, even dressing up as characters and pretending to be part of the video game. This must be treated at once with either an extremely social activity, such as a party with lots of attractive people (these should distract the teenager from the game). If this doesn't work, this untreatable strain of Final Fantasy must be cured with a shotgun to the Playstation.

Final Fantasy can affect anyone. Although they may not look like a nerd, they are, and if untreated, may lead to the more serious condition of becoming 'Wapanese'.
"Hey Jack, you coming out tonight?"

"Erm, no, I have to complete Final Fantasy, sorry."

"I'm so excited about FF MXXIII!"

"Yeah! Its just the best game ever! Much better than having a life!"
by Lucy1234 January 14, 2008
The best video game series in creation EVER!!! Started by Squaresoft in the late 80's, its is called 'Final' because it was originally supposed to be the last game ever made by the company. But it kicked too much ass, so they kept going, and going, and going. Gettin better every damn day
Final Fantasy VII, a.k.a BEST GAME EVER
by Darbz March 02, 2005
a pointless game where one walks around then fights and continues to walk around.
-there is more to life than final fantasy.

-you're addicted to final fantasy, you need help.
by anti-final fantasy January 14, 2008
Mostly known as an RPG game for the playstation console. Though it does have a few games on other systems.(Such as Game Cube, and Game boy.)
It has breath taking graphics and beautiful character designs, but can lack a good storyline.(I think they're relying to much on eye candy lately...)

There are also two movies and two series of Final Fantasy.
The movies are FF: The Spirits Within and FF7: Advent Children.

The series are Final Fantasy Unlmited and Final Fantasy Crystal Legend.(Or so I believe that's it. Sorry, I'm not quite sure. ^^;;)
Have you played Final Fantasy 10?
by Ivanka March 24, 2005
The worst thing to come out of Japan since anime itself. The stories and gameplay are basically the same for every game:

Some evil force is out to either take over the world, or end all existence as we know it. So it's up to you to gather a group of people in order to combat this great evil. But there's one problem: you're not strong enough. So how do you get strong enough? You gain experience. How do you gain experience? You run around the world dozens of times engaging in "random battles" and kill the monsters in order to collect enough experience points to "level up". And if your ever short on money and you don't have enough to buy the equipment you need, the answer is simple: run around the world dozens of times engaging in "random battles" and kill the monsters in order to loot their corpses of any gil or items they may possess. Do this for about fifteen hours and you should be all set.

What a bunch of bullshit!
Guy 1: I'm bored. Wanna go play Final Fantasy?

Guy 2: Nah. I'd rather do something more productive, like masturbate to cartoon porn.
by Skorch9784 November 28, 2007
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