1.A game invented by God himself!
2.Something that has and will cause me and you to lose years of our lives. (I've gotta be reaching hour 1,000 now...)
3. An object that allows reality to disappear
4. A substitute to "the plug" in a hospital. (As in "They had to pull the plug") Going too long without it can kill you, yet you can live on it alone.
1. And on the 8th day, God created Final Fantasy!
2,3 and 4. You: Dude, you're not looking too good.
FF fanboy (me): Huh? *in a daze, smelly, dirty, confused* Where am I? Who are you?
You: You haven't said a word in 14 years... You've been locked up in your room this whole time...
Me: Oh... wow... Well, at least now we don't have to worry about Sephiroth and Seymour and Vayne teaming up and destroying the world.
You: What?
Me: You know.. Because I killed them...
You: Are you ok?
Me: Oh... I..m.... fi.,ne... *dies*
by OurGorship April 05, 2008
The act of slitting one's wrists before masturbating. The person then tries to orgasm before death.
I'm want to commit suicide, but I'm soo horny! I know! I'LL HAVE MY FINAL FANTASY!!
by BAMF1991 September 14, 2011
A never ending euphoria, with many sequels that induce multiple orgasms.
Dood, when Final Fantasy 13 comes out I might as well come...
by Jawshwa October 11, 2008
A one-man band brought to you by the genius that is Owen Pallett. He also does string arrangements for The Arcade Fire. His solo project, dubbed Final Fantasy, consists of him looping and playing his violin and singing. He currently has two full albums out ("Has A Good Home" and "He Poos Clouds") and one EP ("Young Canadian Mothers").

(He named himself after the popular videogame of the same name.)
Final Fantasy is absolutely amazing.
by Holly G. April 27, 2006
A totally awesome videogame series. Anyone who does not like them are fucking stupid, or have lived a terribly deprived life and don't know what they are missing.
person 1: "I hate Final Fantasy!"
me: "then u hate awesomness! Go away!"
by Da Weird One April 01, 2009
Final Fantasy is a series of totally AWESOME video games. There have been many Final Fantasy games, and most of them have been HUGE hits, though some have been complete wastes of time and money, such as Final Fantasy Tactics And Tactics A2.
Speaker 1: "What's Final Fantasy?"
Speaker 2: "It's pure AWESOMNESS!"
by FinalFantasyFreak April 01, 2009
getting head on your death bed
guy 1- im sorry your granddad is dead timmy
timmy- u you shouldn't be sorry luck bitch got a final fantasy
by the cliford December 06, 2006

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