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Candy Chicken is chicken that is candy.It's usually eaten off a stick.
That was some damn good candy chicken.
by Ivanka March 22, 2005
Mostly known as an RPG game for the playstation console. Though it does have a few games on other systems.(Such as Game Cube, and Game boy.)
It has breath taking graphics and beautiful character designs, but can lack a good storyline.(I think they're relying to much on eye candy lately...)

There are also two movies and two series of Final Fantasy.
The movies are FF: The Spirits Within and FF7: Advent Children.

The series are Final Fantasy Unlmited and Final Fantasy Crystal Legend.(Or so I believe that's it. Sorry, I'm not quite sure. ^^;;)
Have you played Final Fantasy 10?
by Ivanka March 24, 2005
The name of an imaginary whale looking thing that floats around my friends head.
So, how's Bobo today? Has he stopped floating around your head yet?
by Ivanka March 22, 2005

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