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Great album by Burzum, the black metal solo project of Varg Qisling Larssøn Vikernes.

Filosofem was recorded in 1996. It is full of wonderful cold creaking - beautifully strange sound.

1. Dunkelheit ('Darkness') 2. Jesus' Tod ('The Death Of Jesus') 3. Erblicket die Tochter des Firmaments ('Beholding the Daughters of The Firmament') 4. Gebrechlichkeit .i. ('Decrepitude .i.' ) 5. Rungang um die transzendentale Saule der Singularitat ('Tour around the transcendential colums of singularity') 6. Gebrechlichket .ii. ('Decrepitude .ii.')

Unfortunately, some of Vargs thoughts are bulls**ts. Esp. his inclination to neo-facism.
"Have you ever heard the masterpiece called Filosofem?"
by Massucko January 02, 2006
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