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A filmmaker is an individual who is proficient in all aspects of movie making. A filmmaker writes, directs, edits and produces their films. The founding fathers of this form (which can be argued) is Charlie Chaplin and Roger Corman. However the founding father of the modern filmmaker is Robert Rodriguez, whom exemplifies this type of artwork.
Filmmaker, Robert Rodriguez, Roger Corman, Charlie Chaplin,Kevin Smith, Nathan S. Hill, Craig McMahon, Jim Jarmusch and many others
by Peckinpah August 01, 2011
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film artist auteur cinepreneur liberal michael moore writer
"I'm going to write a film about being on the dole, it's what every filmmaker does for some reason!"
by AxelS September 17, 2013
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Someone you creates electronic crack that is designed to warp the brain of the viewer into a certain way of seeing a subject. Also see propaganda
I hate film makers they are warping the minds of America.
by no use for a name August 01, 2005
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