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abbreviation for "so fucking much"
ilusfm (i love you so fucking much)
iasfm (i agree so fucking much)
by Tegan September 08, 2007
Source Film Maker. Where machinimas of games such as team fortress, gmod, and half life are made. If its a youtube video with (SFM) next to it then its probably gonna be a machinima of one of these games.
That SFM video of the Medic and the Engineer was really funny.
by awolunicorn April 02, 2015
Stress Free Moment(s)
I hate school; I need an SFM right now.
Let's get turnt on SFMs.
SFMs all around.
by TranMan April 24, 2014
Shot For Me, Something an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend would be upset to read, or hear.
I'm so happy with my new life, SFM
by xXdeathbringaXx December 04, 2011
smile for my scope
dude on cod last night i was invited for SFMS the elite snipers!!!
by stopstrokinstartcummin January 25, 2010
So Fucking Metal
That guy is sfm
by Crotchy Doll April 03, 2011
Sexually Frustrated Man

Middle school and high school basketball coaches who marry their students are usually considered SFMs.
by CB + PT January 07, 2009

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