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it's the Catholic Big Mac.
"we're having Filet-O-Fish night on Friday, cause we can't eat meat." - Mom

"YAY!" - kids
#mcdonalds #fish #catholic #big mac #lent
by happy chasm March 18, 2009
A sandwich sold at McDonalds, which causes otherwise dead fish to rap about Fish Rights.
"Give me back that Filet'o Fish; give me that fish!"
#fish #rap #mcdonalds #dead #cooked
by That Depends; Who Are You? April 07, 2009
The act of finishing sex with the typical facial with a twist, when the finish comes, the hand is slid over the tip of the penis, cupping the semen as it expells and then reaching back and slapping the recipient across the face as you yell filet-o-fish
This girl was so crazy last week, I gave her the filet-o-fish and she actually enjoyed it
#filet #fish #taco #semen #sperm #facial #filthy
by Dclutch04 July 17, 2010
<Noun> A rank punanna. Due to lack of bathing, its stench resembles that of dead fish.
"I AINT eatin' that Filet O'fish." -SDK
by Sno Bro November 19, 2003
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