The greatest cookies on the face of the earth, since cookies were put on the face of the earth! It's a good way of getting your little one's into eating fruit too!
Hey Andi, I'm going to Albee Motors to get a new truck. Wanna come? You can bring Ivy Rose I hear she's a good little Peekie}.
Okay Dave, I'll come. I can eat some Fig Newtons in the waiting room and maybe some
Twizzlers if some are available.
by Andi February 17, 2005
Top Definition
The most godly food in the universe. The greatest cookie thinger ever. It contains the jam of figs and is covered by a chewy cake bread.
Kevin, eat this fig newton because you are stupid.
by BDALE4LIFE September 13, 2005
The pathetic substitute for real cookies like oreos or chips ahoy. Often bought by overprotective, health-conscious mothers.
-Hey little Johnny, do you want dessert?

-Ya mom! What's there to eat?

-Fig Newtons

-Fig Newtons? Fuck you, mom.
by Barnaby J. July 15, 2008
as defined by Stewie Griffin "It's like an orgy in my mouth"
I ate a fig newton and it was like an orgy in my mouth.
by Ryan Comedic INC October 15, 2006
the most addicting cookie ever on the planet earth
I just ate a whole bag of fig newtons
by misaki December 14, 2005
Replacement term for the F word referring to homosexuals, does not sting as much when used negatively.
"Quit being a fig newton, I'm trying to watch the stream"
by Fundabz June 06, 2013
A term for marijuana.
Chris: Hey dude, you wanna eat some Fig Newtons later?
Zak: Sure!
by yellowfeather996 November 01, 2009
A nice way to say faggot with out disrespecting somebody.
Dude you're such a Fig Newton!
by CIZE June 06, 2013
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