a word often used to refer to black and mild cigars because they taste somewhat of the fig newton cookie
i wish this fig newton would never end
by extenze September 30, 2010
It is the mother of all cuss-words. It's every fucking word. Preferred to be said as an insult.
Hey Kyle whats up?
by chrisss flores December 08, 2008
A man that is considered soft or a sissy. "Fruit and Cake"
Look at that bitch made fig newton.
by Mattinho August 01, 2006
A nickname for the new Camel Infused cigarettes. These cigarettes taste quite similar to thee Fig Newton.
we be smokin' dem fig newtons.

will someone bum me a fig newton.

by jesus_saves_the_day May 04, 2007
The greatest cookies on the face of the earth, since cookies were put on the face of the earth! It's a good way of getting your little one's into eating fruit too!
Hey Andi, I'm going to Albee Motors to get a new truck. Wanna come? You can bring Ivy Rose I hear she's a good little Peekie}.
Okay Dave, I'll come. I can eat some Fig Newtons in the waiting room and maybe some
Twizzlers if some are available.
by Andi February 17, 2005
a comback after u say something to ones mom
guy:guess wat
guy:ur mom oo fig newton
by jason hurst January 19, 2008
The saddest excuse for a cookie. Ever.
I thought I had cookies in my lunch, but Mom gave me frickin' fig newtons damnit.
by EmmyGood January 20, 2007

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