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A fifty-fifty is an alcoholic beverage containing one half Dubra (about 2 shots worth) and half Hawaiian Punch. This generally fills about half a Solo cup. It's possible to make this with other low-shelf vodka' the point of the 50-50 relationship is that this beverage is only for those with high tolerance for bad alcohol. Two Fifty-Fifties will get a person tipsy. Blame the dirty dubes.
After her second Fifty-fifty, the girl began rolling on the ground in fits of tipsy laughter.
by CharlesDarwinQuotes November 07, 2010
Slang term used primarily by African-American prostitutes in the early 1970's when soliciting Johns in Far Rockaway, Long Island. A suck and a fuck.
"Yo baby, how about a fifty fifty?"
by timkochiss@yahoo.com May 18, 2007
lubing up the area between a womans asshole and pussy,then placing the head of your dick on said area, then giving one violent thrust.....theres a 50% chance of going into asshole and a 50% chance of sliding into vagina
mary didn't want to try anal sex but shamus talked her into a fiftyfifty
by tiny fucked a stump January 11, 2009
A girl who is otherwise ugly, but appears good from a distance, or when driving by at high speed.

Good from far, but far from good.
That chick is a total butterface. Fifty feet away or fifty miles an hour.
by kindgeezer July 19, 2004
A term used in Kansas City, Missouri, meaning an order of onion rings and fries, usually from local restaurant Winstead's.
"Yeah I'll have a double with everything and cheese, a fifty-fifty, and a large coke."
by Ward Parkway March 29, 2007
Term used to describe a large amount of something. It is usually pronounced fiddy fiddy; and always used in reference to another's extreme problem, habit, overuse, etc.
Dave: Man, Max, you've got like fifty-fifty pimples on your back.
Max: Damn, really?
by HungryDave October 04, 2013
Used to address the 55 class of Mercedes-Benz cars, such as, the E55 and S55 sport sedans.
"Check the S fifty fifty right thur."
by G444oris November 29, 2004