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the most dangerous and volatile substance known to man. created in 1892 by abercrombie and fitch, its chemical structure is still unknown to mankind. since its creation, fierce has left a trail of death in its wake. less than 1 ml of fierce can contaminate the air in an entire shopping mall causing intense eye and lung irritation. prolonged exposure to fierce is the number 1 cause of lung cancer and impotence. scientific studies are also looking into whether or not fierce causes homosexuality.
Garrett: Its time to spritz the store with fierec again!
Thadeus: (spritzing) I just love fierce, its so fabulous!
Innocent Customer: My.... my lungs... death... approaches...
by J.Vice October 25, 2009
the act of being bold, daring, and/or higly creative.
Girl! you lookin' fierce.

Christen from the hit show "Project Runway" is fierce. "Work it OUT"
by AC Gottlieb February 28, 2008
The dwarven irish man, can leap bounds if tossed. A very ugly monster that is from ireland with a ginger beard, what a mess. Appeared in all Lord of the Rings films.
"I am FIERCE! I must defend helms deep alongside my elven friend Legolas" A quote from Gimli aka Fierce.
by richard ritchy gibbs January 04, 2009
A term coined by Ms. Tyra Banks, that means the shit,great,strong, or the BOMB.
Tyra: Give me this pose right now! and strike it FIERCE! strike it FIERCE!
Jaslene: Well if you guys want me to stomp down 180 steps i will stomp down 180 steps and best believe that last step will be just as fierce as the first one!

by myisha September 14, 2007
a word used to describe asian love in bed.
He made fierce love in bed. It was so passionate. I'm addicted to his fierceness
by loveinbed2 November 20, 2008
very bad, extremely bad
It was quite fierce to go through that process.
by The Return of Light Joker October 03, 2008
omg amazing
by fierce@thatisfierce.com July 10, 2008