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The Fiend Club is a term used by "The Misfits" describing their fans, otherwise known as Fiends, and all of the Fiends in the world make up the fiend club. Being in the Fiend Club means you LIVE for The Misfits, weather it being the original Misfits or the newer ones.
We are the Fiend Club, NOT YOU!
by The Misfits September 13, 2007
A group of people in runescape who hack,backstab,player kill and do all the "evil" and "fun" things you can do in runescape while for most part NOT breaking any rules and but taking advantage of people's stupidity in any matter possible
-and yes people are REALLY that stupid.
-and yes were damn evil.
player 1: Did you get backstabbed by the fiend club?

player 2: yea i thought we were teaming against other people but they killed me and i lost a lot of money :(
by unknown00099 March 03, 2009
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