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One of the three independent hill schools, the other being horace mann and riverdale. Fieldston is by far the most comfortable and down-to-earth of the three, and less academically obsessed, but most definitely not a school for idiots. If some one is rejected by Fieldston, you can find them in Riverdale. Yeah, we get high, so what? We are the's kind of our reputation...and we're taught not to give a "flying" fuck about the opinions of other students from the stuck-up assholes at the other hill schools. On that note, go fuck a mop or get drunk if you're so damn good at it.
I go to Fieldston, therefore I am the one who rocks, not you bitchh from Riverdale...go transfer to horace mann so you can fuck a mop.
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by fieldstoner January 19, 2008
1.n-the act of sticking a rock in your anus and farting it out
2.v-to give someone a blow job when they are asleep
1.My friend gave me $100 if I did a fieldston
2.Joe gave Tim a fieldston
by Ralph February 15, 2005
1.n-the act of sticking a rock in your anus and farting it out
2.v-to give a man a blow job when they are asleep
1.I got $100 for giving myself a fieldston
2.Joe gave Tim a fieldston
by Ralph February 15, 2005
One of the so-called "prestigious" private high schools of New York City. The school aims at promoting ethical philosophies that I guess are meant to make the students better people. It fails miserably though, as I honestly see no difference in the "asshole to nice-people ratio" when I compare it to other schools.

The school tries to maintain a diverse environment which is also a joke in itself. Its funny that someone can get kicked out for making a slightly \racist comment in privacy while the school is selectively choosing different ethnic groups when it comes to admissions. But of course, we all know that true diversity comes from people who look different. Forget about ideas, values, culture and whatnot. And, everyone is jewish there somehow.

The school is ridiculously liberal. Mention anything that may be 1 notch to right and prepare to get your conservative ass raped by some ethical cock.
Fieldston. The place where the attractive people are at the top, the jocks are asses, the drama kids are weird, the nerds do their own thing, the workload is unbearable, everybody smokes weed (thank god), everyone drinks, and the normal kids in between the chaos are depressed as hell.

With each graduating class the world gets a bunch of ethical burn-outs who think they can change something in the world.
by THE EYES OF THE EAGLE April 30, 2005
one of the three hill schools, the other two being riverdale and horace mann. fieldston is by far the shittiest school out of the three, with the most obnoxious people. fieldston is also the most diversity centered out of the three schools, which is why it was very ironic when there was a racial scandal among students in 2003-2004. also known for being the school where the kids get high.
i go to fieldston. i am therefore a fucking asshole.
by bitchhh March 21, 2005
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