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One of the three independent hill schools, the other being horace mann and riverdale. Fieldston is by far the most comfortable and down-to-earth of the three, and less academically obsessed, but most definitely not a school for idiots. If some one is rejected by Fieldston, you can find them in Riverdale. Yeah, we get high, so what? We are the Eagles...it's kind of our reputation...and we're taught not to give a "flying" fuck about the opinions of other students from the stuck-up assholes at the other hill schools. On that note, go fuck a mop or get drunk if you're so damn good at it.
I go to Fieldston, therefore I am the one who rocks, not you bitchh from Riverdale...go transfer to horace mann so you can fuck a mop.
by fieldstoner January 19, 2008
One of the three of the independent hill schools in the riverdale area, the other two being horace mann and fieldston. Riverdale is considered the school where you go if you don't get into Fieldston or Horace Mann. Their sports are mediocre as well as their academics, but more importantly, they are all assholes, especially that bitch who previously defined the three hill schools. She clearly has no idea what she is talking about, most likely because she is a riverdale student. peace bitchh
I go to Riverdale, i'm a stuck-up pussy bitch with no life and no future.
by fieldstoner January 19, 2008
One of the three independent hill schools, the others being fieldston and riverdale. Horace Mann is the school where you go when your a fricken genius with absolutely no life and think that knowing everything will actually get you somewhere in life. I wonder why people who go to Horace Mann are called "Ho Men", could it be because of the famed Swiffer Mop girl incident? I bet. The sports at Horace Mann are not the best but they are certainly better than Riverdale's. The majority of the students at Ho-Mann are either white or asian, good luck finding something else.
I go to Horace Mann, therefore I actually know Pi to a thousand places, and I jerk off to the swiffer video.
by fieldstoner January 19, 2008
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