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one with an unusual attraction to bathtubs, sheep, and yanks, sometimes all three at the same time, if woolen waterproof lingerie is available.
ironically bad at sport, with no muscle mass whatsoever, the fielding attemps to pride itself on its muscular mass, a factor which is in fact non-existent, makibng him a bit of a bellend.
also known for overactive sex life, mostly revolving around the use of whips and chains as sexual stigmata.
what a FIELDING!
by james sandberg123 June 15, 2010
24 9
The Ultimate Rock-star. A legend of town.

Known for his Jim Morrison Traits.
Man that Fielding was wasted on everything last night. Jim Morrison the real!
by gaygeo January 02, 2010
7 4
Verb. To endanger yourself and the crews of the aircraft you are photographing for the sake of saving £30.
"FUARK, Legends looks DENCH this year, are you gonna be fielding?"
by SCGA323 May 01, 2013
2 2
To belch or vomit on semen.
I was going down on this guy, and he was cumming in my mouth. I was fielding all over his floor.
by Richardo Sanchez May 02, 2008
12 17