The combination of the words "fucking" and "midget". Compair with the word "fugly".
Did you see that fidget ruin my shit?
by BoNDaGe December 15, 2003
Noun. Any domesticated animal or pet (specifically cats and dogs). Taken from cats and dogs who have fleas and lick/scratch themselves. Can be both an affectionate and derrogatory term.
term of endearment: I miss my three fidgets. I need to feed them when I get home.

derrogatory: He had a backyard full of nasty fidgets, covered in mud and barking obnoxiously.
by Norraa April 15, 2006
Abbreviation of sorts meaning "fucking midget".
We call her sister Fidget because she's so damn short.
by Heather (Ya Know) November 24, 2007
a fine and fuckable short person/midget
Ashley Olsen=fidget. Mary-Kate=not.
by i'm just saying... August 07, 2005
Combination of the words female and midget generally referring to one that is sexual promiscuous.
Yo, did you check out that fidget in Total Recall? I'd bang her.
by Gavstar December 06, 2004
Usually someone who is normal but has a lot of characteristics of a midget. Short Height, huge head & brow, stubby looking sausage fingers, etc.
Yo, what is that? a midget? nah, dude I think it's a fidget. Get off me bitch, you look like a fidget. Hey, who's gonna tell tony his girl is a fidget?
by Ridizog June 01, 2004
Another word for a female masturbating during class.
"Hey Neel, did you see Shannon fidgeting in 5th period today?!"
"Yeah, she just can't keep her nasty fingers out of her crusted vagina!"
by bitchassmofaka February 15, 2010

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