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the indentation on a chair or seat from your ass after you stand up
Her assprint was massive
by Norraa April 15, 2006
noun. To affectionately pinch someone softly. (taken from squeaking a dog's toy in a playful way)
I hadn't seen my niece in a year.. when I came home she ran up to me and gave me a hug and squeaked me.
by Norraa April 15, 2006
Taken as the phonetic pronounciation of the word boccia (as in Boccia Ball, a sport often played by those with a physical disability). Adjective/Noun used to describe something unpleasant, undesirable, or general disgust. Synonyms: shit, ass, repulsive, crap, retarded, nasty, stupid, gay, crust, etc.

Generally used to describe any thought, idea, or action that makes one's nose scrunch up and activates the gag reflex. Great dislike/disgust.
This 300 lb chick walked past me earlier wearin a short skirt and tube top. Complete bawtchee.
by Norraa April 15, 2006
white girls with loose sexual morals, often with tight (stringy) permed hairsprayed hair, excessive amounts of makeup, and fake nails.
This stringy ho on the bus always has her 3 screaming babies with her
by Norraa April 15, 2006
Noun. Any domesticated animal or pet (specifically cats and dogs). Taken from cats and dogs who have fleas and lick/scratch themselves. Can be both an affectionate and derrogatory term.
term of endearment: I miss my three fidgets. I need to feed them when I get home.

derrogatory: He had a backyard full of nasty fidgets, covered in mud and barking obnoxiously.
by Norraa April 15, 2006
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