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A bad to the bone drumset. Usually clear Crystallites, Extremely Dense ploycarbonate shells with percision bearing edges.
I have a 22 piece Fides set.
I will smoke you at the battle of the bands with my Fibes set.
I will kill you at drumoff with my Fibes.
by BadAssDrummer December 11, 2004
3 16
Another word for shit, can be both a noun and a verb. Rhymes with vibes.
Hold on, I'll be right back, I gotta fibes.

Oh dude, I totally rubbed fibes all over the wall.
by Andy October 22, 2004
19 8
A replacement to the word fine it is widely used by only the coolest of kids.
Hot Damn gurl, you are looking mighty fibe today
by Latino Thunder May 30, 2013
9 0
another spelling for phoebe
her name is fibe, not fibre
by deephk April 28, 2005
2 6