A bad to the bone drumset. Usually clear Crystallites, Extremely Dense ploycarbonate shells with percision bearing edges.
I have a 22 piece Fides set.
I will smoke you at the battle of the bands with my Fibes set.
I will kill you at drumoff with my Fibes.
by BadAssDrummer December 11, 2004
Top Definition
A replacement to the word fine it is widely used by only the coolest of kids.
Hot Damn gurl, you are looking mighty fibe today
by Latino Thunder May 30, 2013
Another word for shit, can be both a noun and a verb. Rhymes with vibes.
Hold on, I'll be right back, I gotta fibes.

Oh dude, I totally rubbed fibes all over the wall.
by Andy October 22, 2004
another spelling for phoebe
her name is fibe, not fibre
by deephk April 28, 2005
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