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a clear mastermind of online games. no matter what games he/she plays they will rape it up big style. you can see these fibble's in action in such games as call of duty 2, quake 3 and ofcourse the true fibble favourite.. quakeworld.

amen brutha, a-motherfuckin-men
- "Holy mother fucking shit that fuz guy is a deffinite fibble."

- "That guy is such a fibble i actually LOL'd irl m8s"
by unreal1ty March 24, 2006
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Occurred through mis-usage of the name Fibbles. Is commonly used as a replacement for swear words. Fibbles usually asumes the ending of the word that it is replacing.
Fibble off you fibbling fibbler!

Shut the fibbles up!
by Jim The Happy Taxidermist March 31, 2004
Generally used as a synonym "lol", and only used by 10 yr. old slores that have no life.
DEF #2: also used to tell people to back the fuck up.
User 1: Your Gay!!!
User 2: FiBBle!!! ROFL!!! LOL LOL LOL!!!1oneone!!!11!

DEF #2
User 1: Your Gay!!!
User 2: Fibble It up BITCH!! ILL PWNZ J0o Pretty @$$ SLORE SLORE SLORE!!!oneoneone!!11!!!!1111
by KaosMaster March 09, 2005

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