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An individual, usually male, that sits around and drinks beer while watching TV. This person is known to sport a good, if not unkempt and shaggy, beard. They are frequently seen on the couch with a laptop and a beer. Fezziwigs are known to be awesome.
My roommate is a regular ol' fezziwig, all he does is sit around and drink beer.


I'm not going out, I think I'm just going to fezziwig tonight.
by OlFez March 09, 2009
13 6
An inside-out vagina.
Guy 1: Never bang a 56-year-old mother of 7. When I pulled out I took the vagina with me, and now that bitch has a fezziwig.

Guy 2: Thanks for the advice.
by Pat did it December 28, 2009
3 10