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To puke from drinking too much. Other drugs may be involved but it is a strictly alcohol based stunt.

It is an act that should be embraced totally and appreciated by all. If it is only a mild fettle, as in you puke a little but don't mong, then it is recomended you keep on drinking.

In the event of someone fettling, it is a courtesy to then sing "For he's a jolly good fettle" to the tune of "He's a jolly good fellow."

Fettles usually lead to hard monging, passing out and periods of forgetfulness and general confusion.

Fettles aproach differently for different people.
Some come sudden and unexpected, most ammusing if a person has to improvise what they will fettle into. Favourate choices for these are sinks or buckets.

However, the worst kind of fettle will start with a simple queazy feeling in your stomache. The feeling will grow and before too long it will be time and you will know when it is time.
If people are not too drunk to move at this stage they will usually make a crawl for an out door spot out of the path or more traditionally a toilet.
When outdoors, bushes, bridges and rivers, for the daring, are good choices for fettle spots, however this choice lacks a mark that would be made by a straight out fettle in a public place that you would later be able to look at and say "I did that"

The effects of fettling whilst not being able to move are disasterous.
Don't let people pass out in sacred rooms if you fear a fettle. Move them outside, to a toilet or stick them in a bath to bathe in their own filth, those bastads.

In extreme cases, be willing to run ahead of fettlers as they may be lacking the ability to lift toilet seats and open doors.
Nick: I feel fine! *Fettles in sink*

Afro Jim: "Incoherrant mumbling" *Crawls for toilet*
by Alex P. W. September 20, 2006
(verb) To modify, alter, change or touch up something.
Monkey A: Dude have you finished with that code?
Monkey B: No, i'm just giving it a quick fettle before i upload it to the server!
by The Lundquist June 18, 2006
to fettle is to perform a sexual act on somebody.
"Ey-up our Eli! Did`st thi end up avin a fettle wi that bintfrompt behind t`bar last neet?"

"Aye, it wer reyt grand anole. We were fettlin` all neet. She`s a reyt dirty mare is that Shirley Bagthwaite...ah`ll tell thee!"
by Dr Fox May 08, 2007
Someone who pussies out of something.
"Hey Lol, weren't you gonna get Howard Five alive style." "Nah, I'm scared" "You fettle lol!!'
by Strathie May 06, 2003
to let the fat settle
"Oh man i ate too much, i need to get my fettle on."
by sidsloth September 19, 2008
To fall into a very sleepy or sleeping state, a wasted kind of state, often after smoking too much.
If someone was to fall asleep with their head in a bowl of porridge, they could be said to have "fettled hard".
by Ding Dong November 13, 2003
to fuck.
to fuck an ugly girl.

It comes from the steel industry originaly, as it means 'to scrape the slag out of furnaces'.
i fettled that bitch lastnight. she was nasty.
by funnily conical February 17, 2005
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