1.N A penis completly covered in hair
Hey steph did u give danny a bj? no way he has a ferp i couldnt place my mouth on it
by 2XM June 02, 2005
Top Definition
noun: a person with little social life or popularity who hangs on to any shred of affection; also someone who smells bicycle seats.
Jill: I said "hi" to Jimmy once in the hallway the other day and now he won't leave me alone.

Donna: Wow. What a ferp.
by DJMADMAX October 17, 2009
an abbreviation for Final Exam Review Packet. Also relates to the action of completing/doing the Final Exam Review Packet.
"have a good weekend class and don't forget to FERP it!"

"FERP it baby!"

"Dude I was up all night FERPing it with my dad, im so sore!"
by ferp it baby! May 25, 2011
a penis fully covered in hair
i heard that your sister tried to blow the wolfman and all she got was a hair ball from his ferp
by anti chode June 02, 2005
A penis fully covered in hair
i heard your sister tried to blow the wolf man but she got a hair ball from his ferp
by 2XM June 02, 2005
Originally an acronym for front row parking - FRP, it has evolved to Ferp - both a noun and a verb
The whole parking lot was full but we managed to find ferp!

Moi! FERP!!!!

We got so lucky! We ferped it!

It's a good thing nobody tried to ferp the handicapped spot - there was a police officer waiting to write a ticket.
by Gauge14iv August 26, 2005
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