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verb, noun ,or adjective, can be used in place of any swear word, usually is directed towards a person or action that comes across as unusual or lame.
quit ferntin around, don't be such a fernt, your ferntin me over, you just got fernted! FERNT YOU or FERNT YA!
by Corey Farwell September 03, 2008
One of the many sounds a fart makes.
*fernt* What's that smell?
by Fry August 09, 2004
That which cannot be expressed or defined with mere words, yet has a definite worth of $1.00. is the shizzle my bizzle.
by fupluver June 04, 2003
The sound a fart makes, when expelled in a bathtub full of water.

"I passed gas in the tub and was greeted by a FERNT sound followed by a stream of bubbles"
by camCO June 26, 2007
The term used to describe the expression on one's face when you say something to them that they find both puzzling and offensive or untrue at the same time, but without the ability to communicate their disagreement with your statement. A fernt face expresses disgust without saying so, and in most cases, it is a subconsciously generated face, not like disgustful face is made. You usually have to point it out to the fernt face maker that they are, in fact, fernting on you.
I told him that investing in that stock wasn't a good idea, but all he could do was look at me with a fernt face.
by Brett MacIsaac June 22, 2005
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