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A bitches hairy Va- Jay!
This one girl, straight up...Fern Gully
by doodiestain June 27, 2011
The strip of hair that connects from the ass to the poon...
damn, that girl's so hairy, she's got a ferngully....
by sTeeZyBanKeR July 08, 2010
(n.) Fucking Gangster.
"I keeps it fucking FERN GULLY, SON!"
by Ox Vox April 06, 2008
A very crappy movie. That only first graders and queer bags watch.
J Fro: I watched fern gully yesterday.
Evdjy: Wow your pretty gay
by Bobbay October 06, 2005
This occurs when a female or homosexual male puts a pipe cleaner in another male's urethra and moves it back and forth.
Some hardcore pornos feature fern gullys and hot karls.
by Anonymous April 14, 2003
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