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a person that is lovable, cute, funny and friendly. A friend everyone wants to have. Someone you can always count on and someone who will always be there for you.
Everyone wants a Ferhan in thier life but only I can have him.
by Farrah April 28, 2004
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Ferhan means a King who brings brightness to everybody. This is a Turkish word.
There are two parts - "Fer" and "Han"

With a little bit different spelling - Farhan means "Happy Man" in arabic. This is also accepted meaning in Turkish.

"Fer" means


1. radiance, luster.

2. brightness (of eyes).



1. Khan - Sultan, King (a title applied to the Ottoman sultans and certain other rulers).
Ferhan means person giving happiness and lead the way.
by nortonshores August 12, 2011

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