A hard-working individual who does not get the credit or appreciation they deserve.
That guy trying to get that piece of shit robot working is a real Ferd.
by Bagodeaux September 17, 2012
Top Definition
1. A term used to describe any obsessed Canibus fan who loses all sanity and perception of reality after over analyzing Canibus' work, particularly a track known as Poet Laureate Infinity.

2. Any individual who displays a significant lack of intelligence, logic, or comprehension of fact or reason.

3. Any individual who spends excessive hours creating Poet Laureate Infinity mixes while claiming to have created the original work and posting multiple nonsensical paragraph length responses on online message boards.

Stop masturbating to Poet Laureate Infinity! Do you want people to think you're a Ferd or something?
by Sal Rushie March 21, 2009
a nerd of female gender; a female nerd
omg she's playing cs... ferd!
by Anorexic_Fatboy January 22, 2006
Someone who goes around smelling girls bicycle seats... in the summer
"Hey look at the homeless guy trying to steal that bike"

"Naaaaa thats just a ferd smellin' the seats"
by Justplainchef January 10, 2007
originally attributed to "Shane Stanford" of Campbell River BC as early as 1990. Presumably some definitions stem from this. Denotes sub par status. social inferiority. undesirable genus and disposition.
He was shunned as a ferd. Ferd was an outcast who's introverted reactions to it's stigma perpetuated it.
by stunk February 06, 2014
Acronym Fecal-headed Egotistical Racist Douchebag
Didja hear what he called that woman? What a FERD...
by Zandi November 23, 2005
specific IRC incarnartion, also considered homosexual and a crack fiend, and can't spell.
<ferd> dennis want meto bring some crack cocaine
<ferd> i just ate a bunch of eggs and sausage
by Spencer Ellington April 21, 2005

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