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A moniker for the word anus. Fennel is a vegetable available at most supermarkets, which just so happens to share the PLU code as anise: a similar vegetable. Anise sounds like anus, which is why fennel=anus.

Note: the PLU code is 4515, which is also used in place of the word anus.
Kevin: Did you pick up any fennel at the supermarket?
Mark: No, that's disgusting.
by 4515champ December 29, 2011
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1) fennel is another word for a piece of ass
2) fennel can be used in place of the word "fuck"
3) fennel is a veggie and seed
1) Saxum: There is some nice fennel over by the fresh rack.
Caughron: Word.

2) Caughron: What the fennel is going on?
by Masta Produce August 25, 2005

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