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They're like regular men, just a little feminine.
Ex: Cristiano Ronaldo, Ashton Kutcher, Justin Timberlake. Scene guys and emo guys are usually femimen.
by Toxiicpandaa August 08, 2010
One who is born a male yet is constantly mistaken for a woman.

This might be due to feminine facial features or over use of makeup, hair salons, or tight clothing. Some men also have very fragile figures which can often be mistaken for a very thin girl's.
Tina and I were at the mall when we saw this femiMan and some girl making out; we couldn't tell if they were lesbians.

Whenever I bring home a guy my parents think he's a girl so I must have a thing femiMen.
by BehindTheMirror January 17, 2010
Noun: A man that has a full, feminine figure. Features of a Femiman include a bubble butt, soft thighs, wide hips, shapeless arms and narrow shoulders. A femiman often has moobs.
Man, that's not my mom, it's a Femiman.
by JerkyLove August 03, 2010

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