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A very rare phenomenon in which the woman begins puberty in a manner where she thinks for herself and realizes that video games are, in fact, very enteraining. Female gamers generally do not follow the social norm of how to dress, what make-up to wear, how to style their hair, so on and so forth.
My girlfriend is a Female Gamer, as is my mother (oddly enough) and a handful of chick-chicks (not guys playing as chicks) that I know.
by InsertNameHere July 21, 2006
242 106
A girl who enjoys playing video or computer games more than she does worrying about getting a boyfriend or applying makeup. So for those of you who think they don't exist, eat it, because I am one.
I am a female gamer
by Kalet Raison February 26, 2009
99 49
Will never exist, seriously.
"Hi I am a male gamer" <--- could happen
"Hi I am a female gamer" <--- could never happen
by david ownage July 18, 2006
51 231