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- is the END of the naturally functioning modern global society due to hyper-masculinization of woman and hyper-feminization of men, and the END of traditional gender roles, which is also characterized by the preferential treatment of women combined with shameless bashing of men and bashing of all things male by both men and women


Jim: Did you hear about the dude in Australia that had his junk bitten by his crazy woman while HE was sleeping?
Bob: Yes.

Jim: Did you hear how HE was given 3 months in jail and a $2000.00 fine, and SHE was not charged with biting his penis and making it bleed?
Bob: Yes.

Jim: Why do you think that is?
Bob: Oh, that is easy. It is a just sign of the Fem-pocalypse.
by GlennyJ December 17, 2013
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