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'economically religious' is a descriptive term which refers to the belief system and mindset of a person (or group of people) who care much more about money, finances and the economy than absolutely anything else (including, but not limited to, their own health, other people's health and their local or global environments)

supporting background:

- people who are 'economically religious' promote their destructive and unfair totalitarian ideology based in authoritarian control and materialism

- sadly, to a moralist, and in truth, there appears to be a much greater percentage of the world's population who are 'economically religious' than those who are not 'economically religious', and, both groups seem incredibly strange to one another

- like many false deities and false doctrines, economies are not real things; they are merely concepts and ideas which are continually morphing and inevitably lead to compliance and control of large groups by authority figures

- financially poor people are not immune from becoming 'economically religious'; very few people on this planet are immune to this 'mind poison'
ex. (1) All bankers and most politicians are 'economically religious'.
ex. (2) The people who truly manipulate and run the economies of the world depend on the masses being 'economically religious'.
ex. (3) When the 'economically religious' movement hits a critical mass level, their hedonism will destroy planet Earth.
ex. (4) Glenn Jessome is one individual, living in the modern world, who is not 'economically religious'. This makes him 'seem' strange.
ex. (5) The elite within the 'economically religious' are behind all major wars and conflicts, hunger and unnecessary spread of preventable diseases.
ex. (6) Neither cave men nor the characters of Star Trek were 'economically religious', so it is possible that humanity can exist without this destructive materialistic totalitarian ideology, although most people are too 'economically indoctrinated' to comprehend this fact.
ex. (7) Since the advent of money as a means to facilitate trade, Diogenes of Sinope was one of the greatest people to push back against initiatives of the 'economically religious'. As the 'story' goes, apparently Jesus pushed back against the money changers in the temple by tipping over their trade tables and even whipped the money changers to get them out of the place of worship. In modern times only Iceland seems to have made some progress against the initiatives of debt-slavery by the elites of the 'economically religious'.
by GlennyJ November 08, 2013
A follower of the advise, mind and values of Nikola Tesla.
Tesla stated that his purpose in life was to uplift the condition of humanity.

ex. Glenn Jessome was a Teslarian.
by GlennyJ November 06, 2013
The 'greed-intelligence paradox' states that a person cannot be both greedy and intelligent because the two traits are mutually exclusive.

The 'greed-intelligence paradox' encompasses the more detailed 'greed-intelligence inverse correlation', which explains a lot about leaders and people.

The 'greed-intelligence inverse correlation' explains the 'generally true' relationships between levels of greed and overall intelligence within an individual: put simply, greedy people are not particularly intelligent, and intelligent people are not particularly greedy (this would be the general form of the 'greed-intelligence inverse correlation').

These are the 'generally true' statements of the 'greed-intelligence inverse correlation':

- The greedier a person is, the less intelligent that person is.
- The less greedy is a person is, the more intelligent that person is.
- The more intelligent a person is, the less greedy that person is.
- The less intelligent a person is, the more greedy that person is.

In one extreme case of this 'greed-intelligence inverse correlation', we know it is impossible to amass and hoard incredibly large amounts of monetary and material wealth or even want it, while also being a truly highly intelligent person. Highly intelligent people do not hoard money or stuff, they want to enjoy life and nature, and they want to share what they have with others. Truly intelligent people are also honest.
ex. Nikola Tesla was unquestionably the most overall intelligent person who ever lived. Tesla spoke 6 languages, invented the modern AC motor and the radio, and was the most prolific inventor of all time. Tesla lived and died dirt poor and in financial debt. Humanity owes Tesla a great debt of gratitude for the amount of freedom (and liberty from toil) his inventions have afforded mankind. Tesla was an extreme example of the validity of greed-intelligence paradox.

ex. International bankers profit from all major modern global military conflicts and wars --- promoting the killing of innocent people is financially profitable but not intelligent behaviour.

ex. The 'greed-intelligence paradox' explains that exclusively unintelligent people make up the class of incredibly wealthy people (the ruling class) on the planet, which explains why planet Earth is in such a mess from economic, environmental, moral and social perspectives. It is quite evident that wealthy unintelligent people are running and ruining the planet.

*** People have no business equating high net worth with high intelligence --- precisely the inverse is true. ***
by GlennyJ November 10, 2013
A city whose Mayor smokes crack and continues to govern.
ex. Thanks to Mayor Rob Ford, the City of Toronto has become a well known crackopolis.
by GlennyJ November 09, 2013
A governance document enforced and upheld by the leader of a government body who admits to smoking crack.
ex. Mayor Rob Ford enforces and upholds the crackstitution of the City of Toronto.
ex. Glenn Jessome cannot make sense of the government or legal systems of Toronto, because of the interpretations of their crackstitution.
ex. Not all of the people of Toronto smoke crack, however, 44% of them want to uphold the crackstitution.
by GlennyJ November 09, 2013
1. Fordophobia is a condition where people are afraid of Rob Ford.

2. Fordophobia is a condition where people are afraid of Ford vehicles.
Ex. 1
Jim: Do you think Rob Ford should still be the Mayor of Toronto?

Bob: Sure! Rob Ford is THE MAN !!!

Jim: Well, I certainly don't think so!

Bob: Yeah. That's because you, Jim ... yes, you sir ... are a RAGING Fordophobic!

Ex. 2
Jim: Hey Bob! Did you look at the new lineup of Ford vehicles?
Bob: No!

Jim: Why not?
Bob: I was diagnosed with Fordophobia after the last Ford I owned.
by GlennyJ November 09, 2013
A person who is afraid of crackheads and discriminates against people who smoke crack.
Jim: Do you think Rob Ford should still be the Mayor of Toronto?
Bob: Sure! Rob Ford is THE MAN !!!

Jim: Well, I certainly don't think so!
Bob: Yeah. That's because you, Jim ... yes, you ... are a RAGING crackophobic!

ex. Glenn Jessome does not think that a crackhead should be a Mayor of a city because he is a shameless crackophobic.
by GlennyJ November 09, 2013

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