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adj: a house, apartment, or dwelling worthy of a blowjob at some point in the evening.
The size and decor of my fellatial apartment had this chick tearing my pants off as soon as she saw my bedroom!
by yourhero4hire July 04, 2014
A house, apartment, crib, or pad that is so bad it really sucks. Quite the opposite of palatial.
"Yo - you been to Donnie's crib, yeah? Heard its a shithole."

"Worse than! It's fellatial!"
by ArjoWI June 09, 2009
A blowjob ending in a facial.
Steve: "Hey Frank! How was your date last night with Karen?

Frank:"Pretty good I guess, just the typical dinner and a movie. I was even nice and gave her a Fellatial for Dessert.
by XXXREPRESENT November 15, 2009
The sexual act of a blowjob ending in a facial.
Guy 1: "What did you do last night man?"
Guy 2: "Hung out with karen, just a movie, dinner and a fellatial."
Guy 1: "Nice work."
by XXXREPRESENT November 15, 2009
(Adv.) Person who likes fellatio.
She is not a a fellatial person.
by alldettol April 12, 2016
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