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Felicious is short for, "Fucking Delicious".
As an instant-food loving geek, I thought the hot pockets were uber felicious.
#fawesome #fidiculous #filarious #fexcellent #fweet.
by Urban Dictionary October 16, 2006
Adj., describing a person who is complaining about everyone and everything all the time. Felicious is not gradable because it is the superlative of being annoying: annoying, more annoying, most annoying, felicious.
Did you talk to this girl last night? She was complaining about the staff all the time? She was so felicious!
#to be annoying #to be pessimistic #to be satisfied #to be optimistic #to be happy
by tuipaleale January 09, 2015
A beautiful, cunning but notoriously evil, virgin whore. Derived from the name Felicia.
Her attitude is very Felicious. Has she been around with all the guys?
#felicia #evil #felicious #whore #dirty #manipulative
by Apexeon May 20, 2009
v. combination of feline and malicious. Uses your cat for a companion, but then shuts them in your room while you are sleeping when they become hungry, etc.
It was very felicious of my sister to close the door on my cat so that she would wake me instead of feeding the cat herself.
#feline #malicious #cat #mistreatment #disruptive
by telacoles February 01, 2009
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