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Verb. To feff is to touch someone else in a way or manner that makes them feel uncomfortable, whether it be through sexual inappropriateness or violation of personal space.
Don't leave your girlfriend with mr. X over there, he'll feff her
by LordBNG February 14, 2009
A band from Brooklyn
I saw Feff at Arlenes and they kicked ass.
by sirwoj November 02, 2009
A front-end fart. A synonym for 'queef'. See also 'pussy fart'
Her Kiegel muscles were so well-developed, she could feff at will and literally make her pussy talk.
by Harry Hungwell April 12, 2009
An expression of indignation

. Also applicable to a feeling of self satisfaction after winning an argument.
God, brian you're such a dick. Feff!

You are wrong. Feff.
by deargodthisispointless June 06, 2015

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