a shitty service, if they see that you have a nice thing inside a package such as a cool $500 cell phone, they just take it and say it was lost during shipping...
Hey did you hear that fedex liked bob's dildo that he bought from a website, so they took it and claimed it was lost during shipping?
by Levon5100 January 06, 2004
Top Definition
Kevin Federline's new nickname, after Britney Spears dumped his ass.
What's up, k-fed, I mean fed-ex?
by Adrian November 10, 2006
Name given to Kevin Federline now that Britney dumped him.
Fed Ex is one poor piece of white trash.
by allpowerfulandy November 09, 2006
People that deliver your stuff, if it gets lost during shipping, it's becuase the person delivering it has stolen it.
My pet Rabbit never came.
by Cloud July 20, 2004
1. Roger Federer's nickname. Given to him because he delivers.

2. To use in a manner similar to "Federered".
Did you see FedEx's last match vs. Lleyton Hewitt?? Hewitt got Fedex'd!!!
by FraNkcn July 13, 2008
A bitch with World Wide Delivery meaning she fucks everyone.
Damn! That girl is FedEx...She fucks everybody.
by NLT February 18, 2008
FED = Kevin Federline
EX = As in no longer freeloading from Britney.

Some say Kelly Ripa made up this term after it was suggested by a crew member of her show. They are all lies I came up with it like 4 months ago, I knew he was gonna get the boot.
1.- Hi, my name is Fed Ex welcome to McDonalds may I take your order?

2.- Fed Ex will be working at Fedex soon to pay his bills.

3.- Fed Ex finally understood the meaning of life and ended his.
by Bryan Smart November 16, 2006
Happens when Britney Spears files for divorce with Kevin Federline K-Fed
Britney Fed-Ex (ed) last week.
by Roadheat November 11, 2006

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