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Used to denote an extremely attractive woman; see babe,hottie
That Eva Longoria on "Desperate Housewives?" Man! What a feasty!
by Russ D May 19, 2005
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adjective, used to describe a girl who is not feisty, but does like a feast or two
that girl was a feasty one last nite

do you mean feisty?

no, feasty
by paulefc August 31, 2009
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1) feeling a great sexual desire
2) to show that someone looks hot fine or sexy.
1) I'm feasty baby.
2) looking all feasty today Michelle.
by Don toño July 19, 2010
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When you're sick all of the time and your body begins to eat itself. Also known as a "suicidal cannibal", because a body's GOT to eat!
by JonJamDanFETUSpoledConway September 24, 2005
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