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The act of asking a question in the most retarded way that it does not make sense. Most of them consist of VERY poor grammar, hypocrisy, turning the question into a statement, poor intelligence, and anything else that can be Face Palmed.
These are usually found online and can be found on Twitter, Yahoo Answers, or any other site allowing the public to ask questions.
The term was made by a "Fearless" user on yahoo answers that asked a question with so many faults that I suspect it was satire. But it wasn't.

Most can be extremely laughable considering it is ironic.
Example is listed below.
Example - Fearless Cheerleader:Cheerleaders Y du u think their stupid?

ok so i am a cheerleader an i am smart but all you think cheerleader r stupid and only think of thier selfs. R u jelouse becuz we get all the boys and u dont. is it bcuz we get the attention. is it bcuz u tried out and didnt make it. i like soccer but im not good at it. ok so you r 1 of those retards who think were stupid but SHUT UP maybe it is bcuz we dress better at abercrombie areopostal hollister and are preppy..................if you play chess you are such a loser thinking this sport is dumb.

good posrts






BORING sports


-and all that other geeky stuff.

" Wow, I can't believe we got Fearless Cheerleadered AGAIN!!! "
by Shinzo November 10, 2009
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