n. when an ugly bitch in a movie makes a climactic orgasm face but she is supposed to be playing the emotion of intense fear
In Troll 2, Joshua's mom has a feargasm at the seance table
by cockbeast September 23, 2007
Top Definition
1. When someone get filled with fear that they actually cum.
2. When someone is very scared as if they are in the most climactic moment of fear that you smell humanitarian feckle matter in the atmosphere.
1. That Vietnamese kid with the glasses had such a is having such a feargasm man.
by Sahara Desert December 31, 2008
During sex, one ejaculates prematurely because of fear of bring caught.
I just had a feargasm because I heard your mom downstairs yawning loudly. I'm sorry.
by andreator July 15, 2010
when a sudden event like the sighting of a cop on the highway causes electric-like jolts of fear to shoot throughout your body. reminiscent of an orgasm but not as fun, especially if followed by speeding ticket.
"Why are you hyper-ventilating?"
"iPhone feargasm! I can't find it anywhere! holy #$^@$&#@!"
by HKsizzle October 12, 2009
When some one scares the shit out of you RIGHT when you cum, which both heightens and intensifies the orgasm.
Last night, this chick was going down on me and when I was just about to cum, she started SCREECHING like a howler monkey. It gave me a raging feargasm...
by BiggBear October 22, 2010
when you are so scared you show the "O" face.
Like when you look over the edge of a building and your afraid of heights and blurt out... Oooo! and tell your friend you just had a feargasm.

When an ugly bitch walks by and you get an awful feeling in your stomack and or nut sack. or in any scary situation.
by J. @'s December 12, 2007
Feargasm: being frightened upon reaching climax during sexual intercourse.
"I had a feargasm after I heard her parents ask if she was home."
Orgasm sex
by enixiv November 17, 2015
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