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Feargal refers to Feargal Sharkey. Feargal Sharkey has 2 meanings:

1. Feargal Sharkey was a pop star in the UK who had hits in the 80's. He was also the lead singer in The Undertones.

2. Feargal Sharkey rhymes with Darkie, which means a person with dark coloured skin.
Is he white?
No he's a Feargal.
by Hebejebus March 18, 2004
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Nickname for a person so incredibly amazing in whatever area they excell in that there are no superlatives strong enough.

Originated in the 1900's in NY among the Irish community where Feargal was a common name and everyone knew a Feargal who was good at something. Also spelt Fergal.
- Wow, Dude, did you see that guy move on the dancefloor? He was, like, way better than awesome, he was...
- Yeah, I know, he's the Feargal of Dance. So envious.

- OMG you were so right, Ken is such a great lover, I've been sore for days!
- Yeah, he is the Feargal of cock, girlfriend!
by PaperZoidberg February 04, 2010
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