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When you are afraid of shitting your pants if you fart so you sit on the toilet prior to farting
Randy ate too much greasy fried chicken and hurried to the crapper to fear fart.
by Lunicus November 28, 2010
The involuntary reaction of anal sphincter relaxation and gas release from severe fright. The caliber of smell depends on the intensity of the fear experienced.
I can smell your fear. Nope sorry, that was just my fear fart.

What is that smell?! ...I think the pig-man with the chainsaw must really have scared Jenna, she's been fear farting ever since.
by thetrifecta November 04, 2010
When you get so scared that you release flatulence.
I was watching this scary movie and it made me fear fart.
by NFuse September 22, 2013
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