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A bird that doesn't fly straight.
Fag + Eagle = Feagle
by Da Ico-lator February 14, 2011
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ultimate faggot.. dumbest faggot a faggot could be
dude, youre such a feagle
by looserdum February 08, 2009
A falcon and an eagle hybrid, one that is also a feca.
Officer, my baby was kidnapped and eaten by a feagle!!
by E. Static March 10, 2006
a person who is miz like the coffe biz
Meghan Aldred
by The B-O Doubled March 13, 2003
A legal word to be used when playing a drinking game, when you need to rhyme with eagle.
Keith "eagle"
Kelly "beagle"
Eric "feagle"
by pthomas1127 June 16, 2007
a person who is miz like the coffee biz.
Meghan Aldred
by Booger March 20, 2003

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