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26 definitions by Booger

a band from NYC whos members constantly yell in the faces of old people and stomp on babies.
Mindless Self Indulgence is so cool, they would fuck your mom.
by booger August 17, 2003
540 104
A super hot underage girl.
The mall was full of pedolicious young tarts
by Booger April 29, 2003
235 66
they fuckin rock but are so underrated its fuckin sad
moe. is fuckin awesome man
by booger December 23, 2003
227 140
describes an animal which has been trained to back up to a stump to facilitate the act
Ol' Dave got that heifer so stump broke, all you got to do is step up on the stump and she backs up just pretty as you please.
by Booger February 27, 2004
102 29
a mechanical angel
thank god i have my TI 83, lest I should fail math
by booger September 10, 2003
68 16
birth place and hometown of Kurt Cobain, late lead singer/guitarist/writer for the "alternative/grunge" band Nirvana.
Kurt Cobain was born in Aberdeen, Washington.
by Booger January 23, 2005
44 6
mushrooms and ecstacy
by booger August 13, 2003
36 12