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My brother...

ma man...
Hey dude... have you seen Fawaz... He was nailing your mom last nite!!!
by fawaz's bhai November 19, 2010
Fawaz is a guy who’s really generous, kind and a really cool guy to hang out with. He is especially gifted with the knowledge of computers and technology and will also have a successful life.
Ask Fawaz, he knows how to fix this broken computer.
by Pete668943 January 06, 2014
A kid who's exceptionally funny, generous and a really kind guy to hang out with. He enjoys life no matter where it takes him. He makes the most out of everything. He tries his best to keep people happy and positive. He's the one guy everyone would love to hang out with. In general, if you want to get to know him, it'll be the best decision you'll have ever made. He definitely knows his way around. He's gifted in a lot of things, one of them being an awesome best friend anyone can have.
Man, Fawaz is the best. He really knows how to make a person smile.
by Coolperson12345 December 14, 2014
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