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A continuation of Favre Watch, a series of the ongoing, episodic, soap opera like exploits of Brett Favre chronicling his second comeback from retirement and signing with the Minnesota Vikings.

FIRST EPISODE: On the morning of August 18th , 2009, WCCO-TV, a CBS affiliate in Minneapolis, Minnesota reported that Favre would sign with the Minnesota Vikings later in the day. later reported the same news, as Favre would sign a contract with the Vikings pending a physical.

SECOND EPISODE: Favre officially signed with the Minnesota Vikings on August 18, 2009. He was signed to a two-year, $25 million deal. The contract stipulates that Favre is slated to make $12 million in 2009 and $13 million in 2010. The contract does not contain performance bonuses/incentives, like most other NFL contracts, and $6 million is guaranteed for skill and injury. This means that if Favre does badly over the next few weeks the Vikings can’t get out for less than six million. The contract also states that the 2009 salary payments are deferred, $4 million over the season, $4 million in March and $4 million in 2011.

THIRD EPISODE: In an August 19th news conference, Favre tells of the events that made him decide to sign with the Vikings. Among the reasons stated were that a call from Brad Childress came just as he was working out his throwing arm. Favre stated that his arm wasn’t 100% but it was good. Part of Favre’s decision was based encouragement from family and friends.
Favre Watch pt. II

Guy 1: You hear? Brett Favre just signed with the Vikings.
Guy 2: See, I told you he’d add a new chapter to the Favre Watch!
Guy 1: So, what’s that mean for the Vikings?
Guy 2: Well, love him or hate him, you can’t deny that he’ll add some stability to the QB situation in Minnesota. Something they haven’t had since Daunte Culpepper. Unfortunately one of their other three QB’s will be cut. Probably most likely it will be John David Booty.
Guy 1: Yeah that’s real sad… but what are their chances? How do you think they’ll do?
Guy 2: Well, they went 10-6 without a QB relying on Adrian Peterson. So they’ll probably go 13-3, win their division and make a deep run into the playoffs.
Guy 1: Really?! Hmm….
*Guy 1 Checks watch*
Guy 2: What are you doing?
Guy 1: Uhhh, how long is the betting parl….uhh….I mean bank open?
Guy 2: Beats me.
Guy 1: Well going to the err... bank. Yep, that’s it; I’m going to the post office
Guy 2: What I thought you said you were going to the bank?.
*Guy 1 leaves and bets $50,000 of Guy 2’s money on the Vikings winning Super Bowl XLIV*
by Baron6489 March 12, 2011
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