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to fuck, a substitution for the word "fuck" so you can sound innocent and make history allusions

instead of W.E.B. DuBois you can say..
W.E.B. Du Fauxch
which would mean, WHAT THE FUCK
You can say "What the fauxch?"
which would mean "What the fuck?"
or like "Fauxch off"
which would mean "Fuck off hairy ass"
by Pooja AmY Sasha February 27, 2005

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This is a fake (or faux) Coach product. It looks similar and can fool some people, but doesn't cost hundreds of dollars.
You bought Grandma a Coach bag?" "Of course not. This is a Fauxch, but with her bad eyesight, she'll never be able to tell.
by BudgiePie September 16, 2010