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to tell an extreme lie, exagerated tale, or saying your going to do one thing and never do it.

to do the opposite as one is told

to make obscene jestures about ones friends
He told a Faulk to his best friend about getting spinners.

We told him to turn left, but he pulled a Faulk and went right

When I turned around he showed me his one finger Faulk. I flick him off back.
by John Doe October 28, 2004
To get lit up and/or laid out by Darren Sharper, much like during the Patriots saints game, where faulk got hammered!
Guy: did you see faulk get laid out by sharper?!?!? BEAST MODE
Girl: who's sharper?
Guy: go the fuck away
by Jimmy Football December 19, 2009
Mike Faulk is a politician in East Tennessee with an affirmation for adultery. His last name, Faulk can be used as a verb, noun, or adjective.

It is the East Tennessee version of the "Lewinsky."
"Faulk you you faulking faulker!"

"Man I'm faulked up."
by ETN morals September 15, 2008
Australian colloquial slang for the stalk of a magic mushroom.
"Hey Spesh, why is the faulk of this shroom blue?"
"I pinched it. That's what you do."
"The faulk bruises easily, man."
by Faulk May 04, 2014
the fuck work....but to the next level. kind of like double fuck....but not as joeyritsma (ghey).
Man you faülk at this game.
by m4x0rz teh h4x0rz January 16, 2003
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