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The so-called "Faux" or "Fake" Paul McCartney a.k.a. William Shears Campbell (sometimes William Shepherd) who adopted McCartney's persona after the latter died in a car crash in November 1966. Believers of the Paul is dead conspiracy use it as a derogatory term for the singer/songwriter.
Guy 1: Hey guys, did you hear Paul McCartney's new album?

Guy 2: Is that guy still alive?

Guy 3: No, he died in the 1960's -- that's Faul's new album.
#paul mccartney #the beatles #paul is dead #hoax #sgt. pepper's #john lennon #george harrison #ringo starr
a fail committed during an act of sexual perversion.
i can see you staring at my boobs.. what a faul.
#fail #epic #boobs #stare #bad
by fabcalzone4 July 03, 2009
The act of screaming the word FAUL!! out of one's window while driving by faul's house. Also can be used to fuck kids up while driving (leaning out the window and screaming FAUL!! and scaring kids off their bikes).
Bro, last night i was driving by the movie theater and fauled up some kids hanging out in the front.
Dude, we pulled a faul call last night at like 3 am and totally pissed off faul
#farrell #faul #kids #fucked #potatoes
by Hey Man July 22, 2007
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