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1. a C-130T airplane

2. a strain of cannabis

(perhaps influenced by the character in Stories told by comedian Bill Cosby)
How did he got to ride Fat Albert.
The act of receiving fellatio on the toilet while simultaneously defecating and eating a cheeseburger.
I think I'm gonna dump her, but I'll at least see if I can get her to give me a Fat Albert first.
by dragonschld June 12, 2008
When you have a Prince Albert piercing and you try to pork a fat chick, but you accidentally shove it into one of her rolls, and the bacteria there infects your piercing. An indignant shout of "Hey hey hey!!" when you withdraw your wang may sometimes occur.
"Yo, I finally gave in and tried to bang that heifer Wanda, but she gave me a Fat Albert! Nasty bitch. It hurts when I pee."
by BeBoBoBo June 19, 2008
The single coolest kid that wasn't in our crew in MS 51. He did moonsaults and stunners for Hot Dogs.....HALF EATEN hot dogs (No Homo)
"Hey Fat Albert!"
"Give that girl the stunner"
"Would you do it for a hot dog?"
by Azurebaijan February 13, 2005
A Jay and Silent Bob creation, owing mostly to the genius of Kevin Smith. The Fat Albert dance routine was a cut scene from the feature film Dogma, and had a small but entertained cult following.
Let's watch Jay and Silent Bob do the Fat Albert again!
by Katy December 26, 2003