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a golden breathmint for your balls
i had a serious case of the swampnuts until i threw some gold bond down my shorts
by dragonschld June 12, 2008
a sexual act named for a popular children's toy which creates random designs. the act is performed while having sex with a woman of petite proportions, also known as a "spinner", who is currently menstruating. the man spins her around thereby creating colorful designs on his bedsheets with her menstrual fluid.
These sheets are filthy! Did you make a sloppy spirograph on them or what?
by dragonschld June 11, 2008
The act of receiving fellatio on the toilet while simultaneously defecating and eating a cheeseburger.
I think I'm gonna dump her, but I'll at least see if I can get her to give me a Fat Albert first.
by dragonschld June 12, 2008

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