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The owner of the 3X ETF FAS (Direxion Financials Bull 3X ETF). The term denotes someone who goes "long" FAS, i.e. buys the equity. Tard is common in stock lingo for anyone who has a long position.
You Fastards are doomed(tm) when the bank stocks go through the floor.
by CosmicHemorroid April 25, 2009
Short for "Fucking Bastard"
Jack: Sorry dawg, I can't go hand wit you guys tonight. My parents are being fastards.
Cole: No prob holmes, we'll see ya next week then.
by Perennialartist January 14, 2006
Pronounced like bastard but with an F instead. This is a term usually used in sport mostly football. This is when someone is a bastard (not litterally) for being fast.
E.G. Big P is running towards an open goal he thinks hes scored however his dreams are crushed by Carlos running up from the halfway line and catching him.

Big P: Carlos is such a fastard!
by PrezMeister August 29, 2007
An incredibly stupid person who must be suffering from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (F.A.S) and is also a retard.
That guy was so stupid, he's a real fastard!
by kmort April 03, 2007
Shortening of \"Fat Bastard\"
I was enjoying the movie until some fastard came and sat in front of me.
by Tom Lane April 26, 2005
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